Viola Hero! Rockin’ at Regular Practice

Here in St. Louis, we are currently under an Ice Storm Warning and my regular Suzuki Saturday classes have been cancelled, so even though it is a Saturday, it feels like a Snow Day. Having moved here from upstate New York, I tend to laugh at the hysteria that takes hold of Missourians when there is more than a dusting of snow (Cancel school! Mob the grocery store! It’s the Apocalypse!), but the weather reports for this storm aren’t looking good, so I’m glad to be warm and cozy inside and working on getting ready for our new semester, which starts on Tuesday. One of the things I’m finishing up is my new practice challenge. I love a good theme, and this semester’s theme is “Viola Hero”, like Guitar Hero but for viola. I also have a few violin students, so they get to use the “Violin Hero” Chart. Both charts are available at my TpT store. Here’s a sneak peak of the Viola Chart:



Not Working:

The Weekly Lesson Chart

I have pretty much always used a weekly practice chart for lesson assignments which my older students read and check off as they practice throughout the week. As I have gotten to know my students better, I began to see patterns in practicing.Read More »